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17th June 2020


Another Live Online Gig on 26th June

Yes, due to the incredible response and reaction from the previous Facebook Live Gig, we are going Live again on Friday June 26th at 9pm UK time. 

To keep things interesting and fresh, a totally different setlist to the previous broadcast will be performed.

For maximum enjoyment, have your favourite alcoholic drink standing by, feed the audio into a good Hi-Fi system and crank up the volume!


As before, you have 2 options to watch the one hour Live show on the 26th June. 

You can view on the Facebook Stereohands page here...



you can view on this website on the 'Live Gig' page here...

If you'd like to register your interest, get updates and join a discussion about the event, the Facebook Live event page for this Live show is here...


Feel free to share this event to anyone who may be interested.

Requests are welcome but songs can't be guaranteed to be played.

See you on the 26th!

Older News

 25th May 2020


Online Facebook Live Gig Great Success 

Well, after all the technical gremlins with the first Facebook Live attempt on May the 1st, I'm pleased to report the second attempt of my first ever online gig was successful.

 I've been blown away by the response and positive comments. A lot of viewers from all over the world remarking that it was their most enjoyable night of Lockdown/Quarantine, which makes me very happy!

The amount of views the gig has also been a big surprise (over 4000 views at the time of writing this) 

If you didn't catch the  broadcast Live you can catch up with the replay on the watch again page here...


Will there be another Live broadcast with a different setlist? Well thats yet to be decided. Watch this space!

May 2020

Live Online Gig - Facebook Live 

Friday 22nd May


We have a date for the next Live Online Facebook gig, its Friday 22nd May at 8pm (UK time).

It will be a 1 hour Live set.


As you may know we had to cut the broadcast short last time due to problems with Internet Gremlins. 

May 22nd will be the second leg of the Stereohands vs Internet Gremlins battle and this time we must win!

Thanks so much for so many people tuning in last time, hope you will join us again.

As before there are 2 ways to catch this Live Broadcast from Stereohands HQ.

Direct on 'the man with the STEREO hands' Facebook page, which will be watchable on any device here...

Or alternatively The Live stream will also be visible on this website, however you will only be able to watch on a Laptop or Desktop PC due to technical restrictions.  

The Live stream will be here... 


As before, the 1 hour Live set will feature Neil with Electro-acoustic guitar, Looper and effects with a combination of Original material and choice Cover versions.

Feel free to share this to anyone who may be interested and encourage people to 'Like' the Official 'the man with the STEREO hands' Facebook page to receive notifications about the upcoming Live stream event. 


 March 2020


Stereohands Music available for first time ever over major Streaming platforms. 

Very pleased to announce that, for the first time ever in the history of the world, most Stereohands original music from the back catalogue is now available to stream and download over major music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal.

Most songs from the Albums and EPs are also available as videos on Youtube.

Head over to the new 'Listen' page for embedded players and Links to the Streaming platforms.

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